The conservative dinner

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Robert Seymour
The conservative dinner
[London] : [G. Cowie],
wood engraving
70 x 85 mm
Peel 2124
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Probably detached from one of four issues of Whiggeries and waggeries, London : William Strange, 1934. This publication reprinted wood engravings by Robert Seymour, Robert Cruikshank, and others which had previously appeared-- with different captions-- in Figaro in London, also published by Strange. The identical image appeared in Figaro in London, no. 50, 1832, with the title Conservative dinner.


Wellington, in uniform, his back to the viewer, sits in a chair at a low table; the back of his chair is centred by a skull. Facing him as "Vice" is a repulsive bishop (Phillpotts). From under the cloth peeps out a demon-dog gnawing a bone inscribed "Bribe". Lyndhurst (?) sits on the Duke's right, carving a joint inscribed "Division of Countie's". Next to him is Wetherell eating "Bristol Fire". On Wellington's left is a bishop (Van Mildert, founder of Durham University in 1832), eating a tithe-pig and stirring a pot of "Durham Mustard". Next to him is Newcastle, holding up a glass inscribed "My Own". Next to him is Peel (?), intent on food. Cumberland's features emerge from smoke, as does the head of a trumpeter blowing the trumpet of the Tory Press, the "Morning Post" and the "Standard".

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