Dandy's toilette : Dress'd

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Dandy's toilette : Dress'd
hand-colored etching
270 x 187 mm
Peel 2112
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Trimmed to image and title only.
Does not appear in George, M.D. Catalogue of political and personal satires preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum.


A young man is being assisted by his manservant, who is engaged in using a clothes brush on his bright blue jacket, while the young man looks into a full length mirror, adjusting his high collar. The dandy wears a top hat of black silk, voluminous pair of trousers of green coloured cloth, tight narrow black boots with spurs, a very high, stiff white collar and a neck kerchief of white material with red coloured spots. A monocle hangs on a chain around his neck. On the dressing table situated next to the mirror are various bottles, a comb, a brush and boxes while a black trunk is on the floor, adjacent next to the dressing table. A small black dog, wearing a collar with the word 'Dandy' on it looks up at his master, beyond him a boot jack [also known as a boot pull, a small tool that aids in the removal of boots] lies on the carpet. In the foreground of the image lies a book, open at a page that reads: "Gallery / of / Fashion / Dedicated / to the / Beau Monde", on the opposite page is an image of a woman wearing a hat, holding an umbrella. At left on a chair is a volume of a book, behind this on a table is a peaked cap. A small bookshelf hangs on the back wall; on it are several volumes, with the following spine titles 'Rochester', 'The Soph', 'Kisses Secundus', 'Ovid's Art of Love', 'Amator', 'Caliph', and 'Kisspol Sectness [?]'.