The rival cooks

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William Humphrey
[London] : Pubd Novr 17 17[80?] by W Humphrey N° 227 Strand, [1780?]
Peel 2327
[London] : Pubd. Novr 17 17[80?] by W Humphrey N° 227 Strand, [1780?].
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

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Not in George.
Library's copy closely trimmed with some loss to imprint, rendering the date of publication only partially legible.


Print shows two women cooks seated in chairs side by side; the cook at left, a haggard French woman, holds a shallow skillet in one hand over which she dangles a frog; the cook on the right, a portly English woman, holds a large spitted rack of beef. Verses accompany the figures below the image; the lines at left reading: Ven de Epicures of dair niceties boast / Dey always prefer our French soops to your roast; and the lines at right reading: You lie then you Wh--e, English cook, she cries, / Roast Beef, & Plumb-Pudding for us, & Mince Pies.

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