Headlands capes and promontories.

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Headlands capes and promontories.
[London] : Published June 1786 by Js Bretherton, [1786]
Peel 2308
[London] : Published June 1786 by Js Bretherton, [1786].
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Title from item.
Design attributed by George to Chatherine Maria Fanshawe.
Library's copy trimmed within plate mark.


Print shows a fashionably dressed woman standing at left; she wears a large feather-trimmed hat on her puffed-out air. The projecting gauze at her breast is arranged as a fichu, and worn with a nosegay. Her hands are in a large muff; her petticoats project behind, but not extravagantly. She is accompanied by a man at right, who holds his cocked hat in his left hand; his hair is much frizzed out at the sides, and he wears a high-collared cut-away coat, fastened by two large buttons, a revival of a fashion of 1777. Cf. George.