Iphigenia's late procession from Kingston to Bristol / by Chudleigh Meadows.

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John Hamilton Mortimer
Published at Westminster according to law : [publisher not identified], Apl 15, 1776
Peel 2309
Published at Westminster according to law : [publisher not identified], Apl. 15, 1776.
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Attributed to Mortimer by George.
Earlier impressions lack text below image.
Below image: --Then the Duchess was brought into Court attended by her Chaplain, Physician, Apothecary, & three Maids of Honor. Morning Post May 16, 1776.
Library's copy trimmed to plate mark.


Seven figures walking toward the right, the Duchess of Kingston leading the way and uttering the words "By God and ... ", with three fashionably dressed young women behind her, one carrying a bottle labelled "Cordial." Following them are a very corpulent clergyman, a physician wearing wig and sword, and an apothecary carrying a large and ornate clyster syringe on his shoulder.