The genius of the London Magazine unmasking the times / T. Bonnor del et sculpt.

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Thomas Bonnor
The genius of the London Magazine unmasking the times / T. Bonnor del et sculpt.
[London] : [The London Magazine], [1772]
Peel 1860
[London] : [The London Magazine], [1772].
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Etching issued as a frontispiece plate in volume 41 (1772) of the The London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer.
With "Frontispiece" at head of sheet directly above the image.
Verses below caption title: Blest Genius! still be thine the arduous task; / From motley Times to draw the Iron mask. / On Errors eye to pour thy splendid ray, / And give the glories of eternal Day.
Library's copy closely trimmed within plate mark, with loss of lettering at head of print.


Print shows a female winged figure (right) in classical draperies stands upon clouds surrounded by rays of light. Over her head fly two cherubs, one holding a shield with the arms of the City of London, the other a civic mace and chains. Her r. hand rests on the head of a seated figure dressed as a harlequin round whose forehead is a placard inscribed "The Times". In her left hand she holds a mask which she has just removed from his face, revealing an evil countenance; he turns away from "the Genius of the London Magazine", and attempts to hide his scowling face with his hand. On his head is a weathercock inscribed "The Fashions". In his right. hand he holds open a box from which are hanging narrow strips of paper inscribed: "Continental Histor[y]"; "State Sharping"; "Freewill"; "Bigotry"; "200,000£"; "Dearness of Provisions"; "Prerogative"; "Pension"; "Patriotism"; "The Drama". Similar labels decorate his person: "Bon Ton"; "Popularity"; "Corruption"; "Nabobships"; "Bankruptcies"; "Crim. Con."; "Fraud"; "Folly". Cf. George.