The paviors joy / Rowlandson.

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Thomas Rowlandson
The paviors joy / Rowlandson.
[London?] : [publisher unidentified], 1792
Peel 1811
[London?] : [publisher unidentified], 1792.
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Two lines of verse below caption title read: When J_x walks the Streets, the Paviors cry, / God bless you Sir, & Lay there Rammers by.
Library's copy has been cropped, with loss to the printed border.


Print shows a company of paviors on a cobblestone street outside the Tun Tavern. The paviors hold rammers for pounding the paving stones in place, and cheer as an obese cleric walks over the paving with an air of solemnity, assisting them by pressing the stones with his bulk. On the left stands a woman with a large basket on her head and another pavior holds a cobble stone and a pick axe. Buildings and a church steeple stand in the background.

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