A scene in The gamester / IC.

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Isaac Cruikshank
A scene in The gamester / IC.
London : February 8, 1792, by WS Fores, 3 Picca.dilly, [8 February 1792]
Peel 1711
London : February 8, 1792, by W.S. Fores, 3 Piccadilly, [8 February 1792]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Satire based upon Edward Moore's popular tragedy, "The gamester."
Two columns of verse etched on sides of title: Ye slaves of passion, and ye dupes of chance ...


Print shows the Duke and Duchess of York face each other, a small table between them; he sits (left), with his hands clasped and resting on the table; she stands (right), a small jewel-box in her left hand, holding out to him a string of jewels. A paper inscribed "17,000 . . ." lies on the table beside the Duke, and words are etched above his head, beginning: Henceforth my follies and neglects shall cease ...; the Duchess replies: My Jewels? trifles! not worth the speaking of, if weigh'd against a husband's peace; but let 'em purchase that, and the world's wealth is of less value. She wears the Duke's miniature round her neck, and behind her is a chest of drawers, the top drawer open and full of jewels. On it stands a small coffer of jewels, marked with the Prussian eagle.

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