A visit to the farm-house / IC.

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Isaac Cruikshank
A visit to the farm-house / IC.
Peel 1696
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York trips the tiny Duchess of York, holding a hand of each, her arms raised in order to do so. Behind the three stands a colossal man in Highland dress wearing a plaid, sporran (with the Prince of Wales feathers as a crest), and feathered cap. The Prince (left), who is in civilian dress, wearing a round high-crowned hat, says, "My Dear little Sister when you are tired Big Sam shall carry you!" The Duke, handsome in regimentals, turns to her, saying, "come my Love you shall see Papa driving the Pigs & Mama Milking the Cows". He points (right) to a distant scene, where the King in hunting dress chases two galloping pigs with a whip, saying, "Pig wont go", and the Queen is milking a cow. Cf. George.

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