The humbug, or, An attempt at tragedy with the Joram upsett

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Isaac Cruikshank
The humbug, or, An attempt at tragedy with the Joram upsett
Peel 1690
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Printmaker from George.
With the word "Jordan" in title scored through in the plate and replaced with "Joram."


Print shows the stage of (Drury Lane) theatre, showing the box of the Prince of Wales (right) (the stage-box on the level of the stage), with the lower part of the box immediately above it. Mrs. Jordan, sinking back as if fainting, is supported by the Duke of Clarence who kneels (left) on one knee, offering her a wine-glass. In the foreground (left) an overturned bottle of 'Gin' spills its contents. She says, turning her head lanquidly to the Duke, "Indeed I was [struck through and replaced by] am Indisposed Upon my Honor." The Duke says, "My poor Dear little Pickle Bl--t the Lubbers I wish I had them Lashd fast to the main Rigging I'd give them a Dozen a piece." Men in the upper box look fiercely at Mrs. Jordan, shouting, "Off - Off - Off - Off - Off." The Prince of Wales, seated in his box with a complacent smile, claps, saying, "Never mind Brother I'll Clap her". Cf. George.

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