A bravura at the Hanover Square concert

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Isaac Cruikshank
A bravura at the Hanover Square concert
Peel 1686
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Below imprint: In Holland's Exhibition Rooms may be seen the largest Collection of humorous Prints in Europe Admittance 1 Shilling.


Print shows two musicians (three-quarter length) behind a balustrade: Tenducci sings, standing 'chapeau-bras' in profile to the left holding his music. He is very foppish, wearing a large sword; a 'cellist who resembles Cervetto sits (left) turning his head in profile to the right. Across the base of the design are the heads and shoulders of four men, seated with their backs to the balustrade, one wearing a ribbon and star. They listen with displeasure or indifference. Cf. George.

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