Getting the lengh of the duchess's foot / IC.

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Isaac Cruikshank
Getting the lengh of the duchess's foot / IC.
Peel 1683
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Library's copy trimmed to plate mark.


Print shows the tiny Duchess of York is seated on a chair on the extreme right, wearing an undergarment: her shoes, dress, stays, &c, are being tried on by women of fashion. The stout Miss Jefferies sits on the extreme left, another stout lady with a grotesquely projecting nose supports her left leg and tries a tiny slipper on the toe of her foot, saying, "why Jeffy Your Great Toe wont go in". Miss Jefferies, who holds a tiny stocking in her right hand, answers, "bant You could Scarcely get your Nose in by God". The scraggy Lady Cecilia Johnston stands in back view, turning her head in profile to the right; she has thrust her arms into the Duchess's dress, and raises her elbows showing how tight it is, saying, "A little Tightish or so about the Arms." The fat Mrs. Hobart tries on the Duchess's stays, holding her own in her left hand. Another stout lady who holds them against her back, says, "why Hubby they are but just big Enough for a Strengthening Plaister." The other answers, "now dont Gamon us", showing that she addresses the wife of Richard Gamon. Lady Archer, holding a dice-box and resting her left hand on a card-table, bends towards the Duchess, saying, "Come my little Dear I'll Set you five Shillings against your Smock". The Duchess answers, "You are too Arch Ma'am, I dont Understand you I'm afraid my things will be Stretcht till they Burst." Cf. George.

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