The little farthing rush light / IC [monogram].

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Isaac Cruikshank
The little farthing rush light / IC [monogram].
Peel 1666
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Not by Isaac Cruikshank. See George.
Year of publication suggested by George.
"Lettered with title, artist's name and publishing details: 'IC' [G. Cruikshank has written on an impression in the collection (1931) of Mr. W. T. Spencer: 'Not by me nor my Father G Ck.'] and 'London Pub: Octr 3 [? 1792 (Mr. Hawkins (MS. index) gives the date 1788, but on 3 Oct. there was no thought of a regency. The imprint suggests 1792. G. Cruikshank evidently attributes it to a much later date."--British Museum catalog.
Publisher's announcement following imprint at head of image: Where may be seen the largest collection of caratures [sic] in the world. Admitnce 1shg.


Five heads surround a taper whose flame is the head in profile to the left of George III. The taper rises from the centre of a crown which rests on a tasselled cushion in the foreground. On the left is Sheridan in profile, his face disfigured by drink, puffing angrily; next is Fox facing three-quarter length to the right, with a fierce expression. Next is the Prince of Wales, alarmed and rather fierce; beside him is Mrs. Fitzherbert, wearing breeches round her shoulders, one leg terminating in a garter inscribed 'Honi Soit...' The ribbon of her night-cap is decorated with the Prince's feathers and 'Ich dien'. On the extreme right is Grey, puffing intently, his blast directed at the back of the King's head. All the others puff awry, and the light burns steadily. All the men wear night-caps and shirts open at the neck. Cf. George.

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