Irish ambassadors extraordinary!!!

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Thomas Rowlandson
Irish ambassadors extraordinary!!!
[London] : [SW Fores?], [1789]
Peel 1641
[London] : [S.W. Fores?], [1789]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Attributed by Grego to Thomas Rowlandson; year and publisher suggested by the publication of a companion print by S.W. Fores (see BMSat 7519), also attributed to Rowlandson, issued with a date of March 16th, 1789.
At bottom right: In a few days will be Pubd the return of the Embassadors.


Print shows a procession of seven men riding galloping bulls; the leader (right) is a bishop (St. Patrick) wearing a mitre and carrying a cross; he has a beard, and says, "Make haste, my dear Honeys". The others are the six 'Ambassadors'; all wear fool's caps, all flourish shillelaghs, and all carry sacks of potatoes at their backs. Their leader, who wears a ducal coronet, says "No Restrictions, by the Holy Cross of St Patrick!!!" His sack is labeled 'Leinster potatoes'. Next, wearing an earl's coronet, is Charlemont; he stoops over his bull's neck, saying, "We'll let the English see what Upright Members we have in Ireland; never lose an Inch in any Engagement!" His sack is labeled 'Ulster Potatoes'. The next 'Ambassador' says, "Christ Jasus how our majority will astonish the young King". The bull of the next man snorts and kicks, and his potatoes pour from the sack; he says, "Damn my blood I shall lose all my Potatoes!" The next turns round to speak to the last rider, saying, "By my own soul my dear I was told that he [the King] was recovering very fast". His sack is 'Apple Potatoes'. The last man answers, "all Shittle comeshite! by my own salvation he's as mad as a March hare". His sack is 'Munster Potatoes'. Cf. George.

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