A peep behind the curtain at Drury Lane / JS f.

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James Sayers
[London] : Publd by Thos Cornell, 14 Jany 1789
Peel 1645
[London] : Publd. by Thos. Cornell, 14 Jany. 1789.
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.
Sheridan is identified in pencil at foot of sheet.

A satire on the Regency crisis of 1788.


Print shows Sheridan at left, speaking through a small aperture in the curtain which he holds open, addressing the musicians, some of whom are seen on the right, saying, with a conspiratorial scowl, "D--n em dont play God Save the King". Behind the musicians are the heads of some of the audience in the pit, shouting; a label extending across part of the print (right), inscribed 'Play God save the King', shows their words. In a box are a lady and two men. The print shows the arrangement of footlights, orchestra, pit, and a box on the first tier. Cf. George.

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