A mis-fire at the constitution / JS. f.

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James Sayers
[London] : Publ 12th Jany 1789 by Thos Cornell, [1789]
Peel 1642
[London] : Publ 12th Jany 1789 by Thos. Cornell, [1789].
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Satire on the press campaign against Pitt during the Regency crisis.


Print shows Fox (right) having just fired a musket at the British Lion (left), who lies beneath a cushion on which are the crown and sceptre; in his paws is a large scroll: 'The Rights of the People'. Fox is resting his musket on the back of his shooting-pony (his stalking-horse), whose head is held by Sheridan. The headband, inscribed 'Ich Dien', and holding the Prince's feathers, indicates the Prince of Wales. His eyes are covered by blinkers. Under his fore-feet are two papers: 'Addresses from Edinburgh Glasgow Borough of Southwark' and 'City of London Vote of Thanks to Mr Pitt . . . 267'. Papers issue from Sheridan's coat-pocket and flutter to the ground: 'Paragraph against the Minister, Puffs direct for the P------e, Puffs oblique for the P------e of W', etc. Under his foot is the 'Oath of Allegiance'. Cf. George.

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