What a man buys he may sell

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Joshua Kirby Baldrey
What a man buys he may sell
[London] : Pubd Feby [the] 12, 1788 for S Doughty & Co, No 19 Holborn, London, [1788]
Peel 1607
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Printmaker Joshua Baldrey occasionally operated from 19 Holborn in London, under the imprint "S. Doughty & Co." Cf. British Museum online catalog.
Published as a companion print to George no. 7264.
In upper left corner: Plate 2.
Library's copy trimmed with presumed loss of imprint.


Print shows Warren Hastings, in profile to the right, wheeling a barrow in which sit George III and Thurlow, wearing his Chancellor's wig and gown; Hastings wears oriental dress: a jewelled turban, loose trousers, and cloak, and cries as he wheels his "wares": H-st--ngs ho, rare H-st--ngs!

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