A shot at the Min----r for a call of the House : a hasty speech of yesterday's business / JS f.

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James Sayers
[London] : Publ'd 6th Febry 1787 by Thos Cornell, Bruton Strt, [1787]
Peel 1580
[London] : Publ'd 6th Febry. 1787 by Thos. Cornell, Bruton Strt., [1787]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Library's copy closely trimmed to image.


Print shows Fox (right), wearing a hat, stands in profile to the left, discharging a blunderbuss at the Commercial Treaty (left), a long scroll whose lower portion rests on the floor. The muzzle of his weapon is the head in profile of Lord George Cavendish, from whose mouth missiles emerge. On bands round the muzzle are etched the Cavendish motto, "Cavendo tutus". From Fox's pocket protrudes a paper inscribed "Methuen Treaty". Behind Fox three seated members are indicated but not characterized; Burke leans forward from behind them holding out his hat in agitated approval. Cf. George.

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