Awkward squads studying the graces!! / Woodward Del ; Rowlandson Scul.

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Thomas Rowlandson
Awkward squads studying the graces!! / Woodward Del ; Rowlandson Scul.
[London : Thomas Tegg, 1811?]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London : Thomas Tegg, 1811?]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Publication information and dimensions supplied by George.
Library's copy imperfect; missing approx. 1/3 of sheet at right with corresponding loss to image ; closely trimmed with possible loss of lettering.


Print shows six pairs of dancing-master and pupil arranged in two rows, words etched above the head of the speaker. [1] A dancing-master holding his kit and pointing his toe, addresses a rough-looking pupil, saying, "Monsieur--Monsieur turn out de toe." The other answers angrily: "I tell you I conna besides I duna like to be brow beat by a Frenchman." [2] The master fiddles, looking to his hideous pupil who grimaces inanely, and saying: "Now Monsieur the languishing look--very well indeed dat will do." The pupil: "Yes I think that will answer pretty well." [3] The master, his fiddle under his arm, touches the knee of a fat, curtseying lady with his bow, saying, "A little lower Madame si vous plait." She answers: "Sir if I go lower I shall never be able to get up again." [4] The master springs high in the air, hands on hips, saying to an obese, elderly 'cit': "Dere Sare is de grande Spring." The man answers, his wig falling off: "Grand Spring indeed--why now in your conscience do you think a Man of my kidney could cut such a caper as that--I am made for ground work a Minuet or so I should not mind." [5] The master fiddles and dances opposite a grotesque harridan who capers, hands on hips: "Vera well Madame de true Highland fling." She answers with a fatuous grin: "Do you really think so Monsieur." [6] The master strikes an attitude poised on one toe, the left leg extended, saying to a fat man who has fallen on his back: "Dere Sir dat is de true attitude--Sare you will be down." The victim answers: "Damn--why I'm down already I told you so before I began--who do you think is to stand half an Hour like a Goose on one leg.

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