The country crier

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William Davison
The country crier
Alnwick : Printed and published by W Davison, [between 1812 and 1817]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
Alnwick : Printed and published by W. Davison, [between 1812 and 1817]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Date suggested by Isaac and by BM record for another popular print by Davison.
No. 35 printed at upper right.
Sheet trimmed within plate mark at head of image.
Probably after an earlier print of the same subject and with the same title, published in Dec. 16, 1793, by Robert Sayer & Co., Fleet Street, London (see BM Satires 8411).


Print shows a crier, his mouth wide open, shaking his bell in the faces of three gaping and alarmed yokels at right. He wears a long old-fashioned coat, broad cocked hat and wig, and holds a cane. A young man with a pitchfork at left loiters complacently. Beneath the design is engraved: Oyesl Oyes! This is to give notice, That Alice Grant has lost from out her Sty last night at 25 Minutes past 10 O Clock two Pigs the one a black un tother Caroty, whoe'er bring un to the said Alice Grant - Or give inflamation where the stoln or strayed shall have her thanks and the first sucking pig from the Breed of old Nanny at Lammas day next - God save the King.

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