The old maids petition

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William Davison
The old maids petition
Alnwick : Printed and published by W Davison, [between 1812 and 1817]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
Alnwick : Printed and published by W. Davison, [between 1812 and 1817]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Date suggested by Isaac and by BM record for another popular print by Davison.
Sheet trimmed within plate mark at head of image.
Probably after an earlier design illustrating a broadside edition of a comic song variously published as "Miss Wrinkle" or "Miss Wrinkle and the thatcher" (see the unsigned sheet published by John Fairburn in the BM, as well as BM Satires 10940).


Print shows an attic room furnished with a commode; an old maid kneels at her table in prayer which has just been answered by the appearance of a thatcher through the roof at upper left. On the wall and door are pasted two broadsides entitled "Cupids revenge" and "Love in a village."

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