Despair / Js. Gillray invt. & fect.

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James Gillray
Despair / Js. Gillray invt. & fect.
[London] : Pubd April 8th 1802, by H Humphrey 27, St James's Street, [1802]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd. April 8th 1802, by H. Humphrey 27, St James's Street, [1802]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

A companion to Gillray's print "Hope" (BM 9854).


Print shows Robson speaks in the House of Commons, with outstretched arms: "We're all ruinated, Sir! - all diddled, Sir!! - abus'd by Placemen, Sir!!! - Bankrupts all, Sir! - not worth Sixteen Pounds, Ten Shillings, Sir! - ". From his coat pocket project bundles of papers: 'Ignorance of ye Old Administration'; 'Stupidity of ye New Administration'; 'Charges against the Ministry'. In his hat, on the seat behind him, are other bundles: 'Ministerial Tricks', 'Plunders', 'Blunders', 'Collusion'; 'Impeach[ment]'; 'Punishm[ent]'. Behind him, and next his vacant seat, sits Tyrwhitt Jones, listening with a fierce scowl, a pen in his mouth, his hat beside him; he holds a bulky sheaf of 'Notes'. Behind these two are Horne Tooke and Burdett, listening intently. The other Opposition benches within the design, which shows a corner of the table on the extreme left, are empty.

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