Tales of wonder! / Js. Gillray, inv. & ft.

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James Gillray
Tales of wonder! / Js. Gillray, inv. & ft.
London : Publish'd Feby 1st 1802, by H Humphrey, 27 St James's Street, [1802]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
London : Publish'd Feby. 1st. 1802, by H. Humphrey, 27. St James's Street, [1802]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

At head of image within upper border: This attempt to describe the effects of the Sublime & Wonderful, is dedicated to M. G. Lewis Esqr, M.P.
An earlier impression of this print lacks the text in upper border. Cf. George.


Print shows three women seated at a round table listen intently to a fourth who reads 'The Monk' by M. G. Lewis, one volume of which lies beside her on the table. One, full face, is old and ugly, the others young and comely; they register excited horror. The room is lit by a single candle on the table; beside it lie smoking snuffers in a tray. Curtains are draped across the window, a fire burns in the grate. Heavy shadows are thrown. The ornaments on the chimney-piece are a Gorgon looking down at the women, a skeleton from which snakes emerge, and a dragon. On the fireplace is a carving in relief: Pluto carrying off Persephone in his chariot. There is a picture of a man in armour carrying off a protesting young woman, with rape and slaughter indicated in the background.

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