"An angel gliding on a sun-beam into Paradice," Milton

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James Gillray
"An angel gliding on a sun-beam into Paradice," Milton
[London] : Pubd Octr 11th 1791 by H Humphrey, N 18 Old Bond Street, [1791]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd. Octr. 11th 1791 by H. Humphrey, N. 18 Old Bond Street, [1791]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Continues: "Down thither, prone in flight, -Lo Schwelly speeds, & with her brings the Gems, and Spoils of Heav'n."
Printmaker from George.


Print shows Mrs. Schwellenberg, enormously fat and heavily laden, supported by small wings, flying head foremost down a ray of light, which extends from a sun with a crown in its centre in the upper right corner of the print and stretches across the sea to a castellated town flying a flag inscribed 'Hanover'. In her arms are two large money-bags, labelled 'Pr Ann.' and '£1000000'. Her bulging pocket hangs downwards, a rosary and cross hanging from it.

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