Ananias & Clavira, or, Judgment against lying

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Isaac Cruikshank
Ananias & Clavira, or, Judgment against lying
[London] : Pubd by SW Fores 50 Picca.dilly, March 10th 1809
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd by SW Fores 50 Piccadilly, March 10th 1809.
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.
Library's copy inscribed at lower left: I. Cruikshank By my father not any of it by me GCs.

Below caption title: Have we not known nor heard nor read How God abhors deceit and wrong How H****y S****n was struck Dead Caught with a lie upon his Tongue. So did his Friend Clavira Die, When he came in and grew so bold, As to confirm that wicked lie, That just before his Friend had told.


Print shows Mrs. Clarke standing at the bar of the House of Commons, denouncing General Clavering, who staggers back from her accusing finger. In his pocket is a paper: A Volunteer. She says: "Would you also defend a cause at the expense of Truth?!!" A little cherub flies off holding a scroll: He is no respector of Persons. A ruffianly jailor with handcuffs, standing behind a barrier, scowls at Clavering's back, saying, Aha what another Customer. Another officer lies on the ground, looking up at Clavering. Sheridan (left), quoting his Duenna, says: "For sure a pair was never seen so justly formed to meet by Nature." A short-hand writer sits at the bar next Mrs. Clarke, taking notes. She wears the blue pelisse, with white hat, veil, and muff.

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