The breaking up of the Union Club!

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Isaac Cruikshank
The breaking up of the Union Club!
[London] : Pubd Feb 20 1801, by, Hixon, 355, Strand, near Exeter-change, [1801]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Attributed to Isaac Cruikshank by George.
Below image at left: Folios of Caricatures lent out for the Evening.


Print shows a drunken crew of Union Club members pouring into Pall-Mall, through the pillared doorway of the Union Club. In the foreground on the extreme left two street musicians are playing: a smiling Jewish man bends over an orgue de barbarie, which stands on the ground, its strap still across his shoulders; an impassive Scot plays the bagpipes. Beside them Moira, Fox, and Lauderdale (in Highland dress) dance together, the last singing "Wha zoadna be in Love wi bonny Maggy Lauder". Norfolk staggers back against the tilting sedan-chair in which sits Lansdowne vomiting. On its roof sits Parr, wearing his wig, and holding pipe and tankard. Beside it walks Tierney. In the foreground a judge has fallen to the ground, pressed down by Sheridan whose hand covers his face. The latter empties a wine-bottle over him, saying, "I'll end the contest quicker Then Justice Judge or Vicar". On the extreme right Queensberry greets a Black woman, grasping her wrist and saying, "Are you my Pretty Black Ester". She answers: "yes Massa". Behind them is the profile of Erskine, walking off to the right. The background is filled with a confused crowd, some of whom appear to be on the steps of the club. Those who can be identified are (left to right): Derby holding the hand of Bedford, who vomits; behind Kirkcudbright's ugly concave profile is the tall Cholmondeley; Clermont walks with an amiable smile; Camelford (right) is in back view; Sturt (?) and Hanger fight, stripped to the waist. Behind Hanger's shoulder is the face of Tyrwhitt Jones. The profiles of Skeffington and Mathew appear above the sedan-chair; Lord Stanhope stoops to vomit. On the extreme right is the back of the Prince's coach, driving off, his profile seen through the window. An unidentified couple (left) fight with a chair and a gridiron; the former says: "Come along I'll tip you a Rowland for your Oliver"; the latter, who has Irish features and shamrock in his hat, says: "I'll emancipate you". One of the crowd shouts: "Eren go Brach". On the extreme left is a fringed Union flag. Among the missiles are an elaborately carved clock, a leg of mutton on a dish, bottle, knives, wig, corkscrew.

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