Modern marriage a la mode : sweet fruits of the third honey moon!!

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Isaac Cruikshank
[London] : Pub by S W Fores 50 Picca.dilly, May 6, 1800
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pub. by S W Fores. 50 Piccadilly, May 6, 1800.
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Below image at lower right: Folios of Caricatures Lent.
Satire on the third marriage of Lord Abercorn, 3 Apr. 1800, to Lady Anne Hatton.


Print shows a tall man (Lord Abercorn), with long horns on his forehead, putting a ring on the finger of a young woman (Lady Anne Hatton), who turns aside to point up at a high alcove, serving as an altar, in which are the torso of a grinning satyr and a long horned billy goat in the act of sniffing the rump of a nanny goat. Behind her (left) is a woman veiled in a shroud (Catherine Copley). Behind the bridegroom are three weeping young women, identified as Lord Abercorn's daughters by his first wife, Harriet Margaret, Katharine Elizabeth, and Maria.

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