A mansion house treat, or, Smoking attitudes! / I Cks.

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Isaac Cruikshank
A mansion house treat, or, Smoking attitudes! / I Cks.
[London] : Pub Nov 18 1800 by S W Fores N 50 Picca.dilly, [1800
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pub Nov 18. 1800 by S W Fores N 50 Piccadilly, [1800
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Library's copy inscribed "147" in ink at upper right.


Print shows the Lord Mayor of London, Sir William Staines, seated at right, looking towards his four guests and smoking an enormous pipe with a looped stem, the bowl inscribed 'A Present from Egypt'. Pitt sits haughtily in the center, saying: "I'll smoke the Cits again with another Loan very soon. - Very fine Virginia my Lord!" On the right sits Lady Hamilton with Lord Nelson, who watches her intently. She says: "Pho the old mans pipe is allways out, but yours burns with full vigour". He answers "yes yes . . . [&c]" A thin elderly man between Pitt and Staines (Sir William Hamilton) lights his (short) pipe from a guttering candle held by a rough-looking sailor who is also smoking and has a quid in his bulging cheek; the latter says: "Why Sr Dilbery, your pipe is too short, 'tis quite worn out, it wants a new tip". The Mayor says: "Yes Sir Dilbery these fighting Tars make a cursed deal more smoke than we do." The other answers: "Aye my Lord but then they have a cursed deal more fire too - twig the Admiral." Spittoons are at the feet of the smokers, whose words issue from their mouths in clouds of smoke. In the left corner by the host are a dog on its hind-legs smoking a pipe and tins inscribed 'Orno Hardham Tobbaco.'

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