John Bull and the alarmist

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James Gillray
John Bull and the alarmist
[London] : Pubd Septr 1st, 1803, by H Humphrey 27 St James Street, [1803]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd Septr. 1st, 1803, by H. Humphrey 27 St James Street, [1803]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Designed and etched by James Gillray.
A satire on Sheridan as an alarmist in the invasion scare of 1803.
Verse in two columns, printed on a separate plate below image: John Bull as he sat in his old Easy Chair, An Alarmist came to him, & said in his Ear, "A Corsican-Thief has fust slipt from his quarters". . . [etc.]. "'Let him come, & be D------n'd!" thus roard out John Bull",' [etc.]. (Alarmist) "They say a full Thousand of Flat-bottomed Boats Each a Hundred & Fifty have, Warriors of Note - "All fully determin'd to feast on your Lands - So I fear you will find full enough on your hands "John smiling arose, upright as a post. "I've a Million of Friends bravely guarding my Coast "And my old Ally Neptune, will give them a dowsing" And prevent the mean rascals to come here a Lousing.


Print shows John Bull holding a thick stick with a carved head representing a bull-dog in one hand, and a frothing tankard ornamented with a crown in the other. He is assailed by Sheridan, a ragged bill-sticker, who says: "The Corsican Thief has slip'd from his Quarters And coming to Ravish your Wives & your Daughters". In his left hand is his bill-sticker's pole, under his arms are papers: 'Loyal Bills distributed pro bono publico', 'Sherry Andrew's Address'. John answers: "Let him come and be D------n'd! - what cares Johnny Bull! With my Crabstick assured I will fracture his Scull! Or I'll squeese the vile reptile 'twixt my Finger & Thumb, Make him stink like a Bug, if he dares to presume!"

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