De Ban en Arrier-Ban in Zee.

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Romeyn de Hooghe
De Ban en Arrier-Ban in Zee.
[Netherlands?] : [publisher not identified], [1702]
Peel 1214
[Netherlands?] : [publisher not identified], [1702]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Engraved title and numbering 1-38, and with letterpess title and text, including verses and legend, in six columns, all in Dutch.
"Tot Brussel, by Jan Vendu in Vigos"--Bottom of sheet.
Fictitious imprint.
Printmaker and date of publication from BM catalog.
Library's copy trimmed within plate mark.


Dutch broadside satirising Louis XIV and the French navy after the Dutch and British victory at Vigo Bay with an etching showing a curving procession across the bay mounted on fish and imaginary sea monsters. It is led by Louis XIV grasping a broken trident and riding on a creature with bat's wings. He is followed by the Dauphin on a dolphin; Philip of Anjou clutching his head in his hands and riding a monster described as a "Cochlea Sarmatia" with two sorrowful attendants. On the left, in the cleft of a rock hung with baskets, an anchor and other debris, a man wearing the crowns of France and Spain sits on a stool below which rests an orb. The procession continues with the Duc de Bourgogne, Admiral Château-Renault, Admiral Beaujeu who crawls out of a large shell, the Duc de Berry, Monbault, captain of the Bourbon, Cardinal Porto-Carrero riding on a toothless crocodile, Father Petre carrying the infant Old Pretender on his back in a bundle of straw, Mongon, captain of the Sirène, the King's trumpeter emerging from a snail, two couriers on flying fish, the comte de Mélac lamenting the loss of Landau, three of Madame de Maintenon's ladies riding on a mackerel, the duc de Villeroi riding a stickleback and supporting a comrade who is in the sea, two French captains with two herrings, Marshal Catinat with his comrade riding a pike, Champmeslin, captain of the Solide, Beaussier, captain of the Ferme, riding a sword-fish, Grandpré, captain of the Prudent, L'Autier, captain of the Modéré, Botteville, captain of the Superbe, Violenne, Sorel captain of the Volontaire, de Court, captain of the Triton, riding a lobster, Duquesne (Louis-Abraham Duquesne-Mosnier?;), Fricambault, captain of the Oriflamme, Polignac (? the Abbé) and St Osman, captain of La Choquante whipping an ass with a fish-tail. On the shore, the emergency coastal defence force (Ban and Arrière Ban) riding on asses. In the background, to right, the palace of Saint Germain with the equestrian statue of Louis XIV, captains of the lost ships standing like statues along the roof line while French sailors climb rocks from the shore and appeal to Louis. In the distance, French and Spanish ships are sinking and burning before the towns of Vigo and Ridondello, and Louis's sun sinks below rocks.

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