Eight heads of artists and amateurs of art / drawn from ye life.

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James Bretherton
approximately 1730-1806
Eight heads of artists and amateurs of art / drawn from ye life.
[London?] : [publisher not identified], [1770?]
Peel 1243
[London?] : [publisher not identified], [1770?]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Title, etcher and date of publication from BM catalog.
Library's copy trimmed with loss of caption title; paper border added with drawn border and title "A group of celebrated connoisseurs" added in pencil.


Portraits represent the under-mentioned persons, the names being etched close to the heads. 1. "--Liegh Esq Lover of Pictures"; this head is in profile to the right and wears a laced cocked hat. 2. "General Guise a Virtuoso", in facing 3/4 to the left. 3. "Demaseau a French Picture Dealer", facing 3/4 to the left, wearing a large cocked hat and a small queue. 4. "Duke of A..." (Argyll), in profile to the right, wearing a military hat, and a pince-nez. 5. "Chev Manini", a painter, nearly in full face, looking down, wearing a cocked hat and spectables. 6. "Doctor Bragg", a dealer in antiquities and works of art, in profile to the right, with a protruding and pendulous lower lip, wearing a large cocked hat. 7. "Consr Du..." (Duane), in profile to the right, wearing a cocked hat. 8. "Dr. Chauncey", in profile to the left, looking at a ring, or gem, through a lens, wearing a cocked hat. Mr. Leigh is probably the auctioneer, George Leigh. General Guise was mentioned by H. Walpole in a latter from 1742. The Duke of Argyll is John the fourth, who died November 9, 1770. Manini is probably Gaetano Manini, born in Milan in 1730. Dr. Chauncey is Dr. Charles Chauncy, an eminent collector of antiquities and books.

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