Retribution; tarring & feathering, or, The Patriots revenge

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James Gillray
Retribution; tarring & feathering, or, The Patriots revenge
[London] : Pubd Novr 26th 1795 by H Humphrey, New Bond Street, [1795]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd. Novr. 26th 1795 by H. Humphrey, New Bond Street, [1795]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

By James Gillray.


Print shows Pitt, thickly coated with feathers, standing between Sheridan and Fox. Only his face, hands, and (bare) feet are uncovered. He turns his head in towards Fox, who shoves a mop (?) inscribed 'Remonstrance of the People' and covered with hot tar into his mouth . He stands beside a steaming cauldron (of tar) inscribed 'Rights of the People', under which are blazing papers: 'Sedition Bill', 'Ministerial Influence', and 'Informations'. Round Pitt's neck is a noose, the rope from which hangs over a lamp-bracket. On the lamp is a crown; on the post a placard: 'Fate of the Sedition Bill'. Sheridan raises in both hands a huge cap of 'Libertas', from which feathers shower down on Pitt's head. Beneath the title: "Nay & you'll stop our Mouths, beware your Own."

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