"And catch the living manners as they rise"

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James Gillray
"And catch the living manners as they rise"
[London] : Pubd May 7th, 1794, by H Humphrey, No 18 Old Bond Street, [1794]
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London] : Pubd. May 7th, 1794, by H. Humphrey, No. 18 Old Bond Street, [1794]
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Etched by James Gillray after a design by Miss Aynscombe. Cf. George.


Print shows a young man and woman holding hands and wearing burlesqued versions of the newest fashions. He wears a striped sleeveless vest or waistcoat made in one piece with a pair of pantaloons which reach below his calves where they are tied with bunches of ribbon. A voluminous swathed neckcloth conceals his chin. His powdered hair is frizzed on his head with a long queue. He holds a round hat and a bludgeon in his right hand. She wears in her hair three extravagantly long ostrich feathers, which rise from a small cap or turban and sweep across the design, with an erect brush-aigrette ; long tresses issue from the turban with the feathers and fall below her waist. Her limp high-waisted dress with short sleeves falls from below uncovered breasts, which are decked with jewels caught together by an oval miniature.

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