A school of Athens / J.V. invt & delt.

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James Bretherton
approximately 1730-1806
A school of Athens / J.V. invt & delt.
[England] : Js Bretherton, 3rd Jany [1778]
Peel 1207
[England] : Js. Bretherton, 3rd Jany [1778]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.
Signed "J. Breterton f. 3s. Jany. 78" at bottom of sheet.

"Dedicated to the illustrious Inheritress of her fame in Professors of Arts & Sciences. the University of Cambridge, O Matre pulchra a Filia pulchrior!"
Library's copy trimmed within plate mark.


Satire on Cambridge. Interior of a large room showing two sash windows, through one of which is seen part of the south side of the Senate House, through the other, the tower of St. Mary's Church, both drawn with topographical accuracy; statue of Athene is between the two windows holding her shield and a laurel wreath; below Athene is a man on a high rostrum covered with a cloth, wearing a furred academic gown and bands; a man is seated below the rostrum at a writing desk; four men and a dog have entered through the doorway, one is a dancing master who stands holding a bow in his right hand and a kit or small fiddle in his left, next is a rough-looking elderly man wearing a round hat and long coat, the other two are middle-aged, one holding his hat and a cane with the dog nearby; two "professors" facing each other, one is a fencing-master are in the back view; a thin man in a hat with one hand in his waistcoat pocket stands at the far left. The man on the rostrum resembles the later portrait of William Cooke, D.D., Provost of King's College from 1772.

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