Ghost as seen in the Hamlet of St. Stephens chapel

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Ghost as seen in the Hamlet of St. Stephens chapel
8 5/8 x 12 7/8 in.
Peel 2064
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Scene in the House of Lords at the Queen's 'trial', showing the throne against the end wall, with the two (temporary) galleries. The Queen exclaims in terror, both arms raised, at the sight of the first witness against her, Majocchi, and of the ghost of Princess Charlotte, who stands, draped in white, beside him, holding her infant, with an arm extended towards the Queen. Beside the Queen, and on the extreme right, are Brougham and Denman, her counsel; they hold documents inscribed 'Defence of the Queen' and 'Queens Defence'. The prosecuting counsel (left) are equally disturbed. There is a background of peers, freely indicated, all startled, while spectators watch from the galleries. In the centre foreground a large green bag stands on the floor, from which clouds of smoke emerge; it has a strap (unbuckled) in the form of a huge Garter, inscribed 'Ho[ni]... Pense'. On the bag is a garbled version of Macbeth's words (I. ii): "Will all great Neptune's Ocean wash this Blood clean from this Bag? No! rather shall this Bag the multitudinous Realm incarnadine making the Green one Red."