[The heads of the mutiny act]

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Charles Williams
[The heads of the mutiny act]
Peel 1956
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

No title; title from British Museum online catalog.
Lettered "Pubd May 20th 1812 by S W Fores N° 50 Piccadilly."


The upper part of the table of the House of Commons stretches across the design. On this lie two pairs of decollated heads, each with its appropriate collar and neck-cloth. Burdett's head (left) lies on a paper: 'Motion for the abolishing of Military flogging'; Horne Tooke's head rests against that of Burdett. On the right the heads of Grey and Grenville, directed towards each other, are supported on a book; under Grenville's is a document: 'Catholic Bill'. Behind the heads lies the mace. A background is formed by the back of the Speaker's Chair, with the enormous wig and small head of Abbot. Below the design, adapting the phraseology of the 'Journals of the House of Commons': 'Cui Bono-- Publico Bono -- / Die Lunæ April 21 / In a Committee on the Sense of the Nation--moved--that for preventing future disorders and Dissentions, the Heads of the Mutiny Act be brought in and suffered to lie on the Table to Morrow--' / Ordered / That all further proceedings upon the Act for dividing the Country be adjourned sine die-- / Ordered / Vox Populi / Cler--Par--.'

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