Neptune's last resource, or, The fortune hunter

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Charles Williams
Neptune's last resource, or, The fortune hunter
Peel 1943
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

After the title "Sketch from Heathen Mythology."
Imprint erased, but traces of "Walker & Knight, 7 Cornhill" remain.
Suggested date of imprint from the British Museum catalog.
Print refers to a series of unsuccessful proposals of marriage made by the Duke of Clarence to notable heiresses of the day.
Sarah (or Saartjie) Baartman was a Khoikhoi woman born circa 1788 near Cape Town, South Africa. She was brought to Britain in 1810 by her employer, Hendrik Cesars, and the English doctor William Dunlop, where she was exhibited for financial gain and subsequently sold in 1814 to animal trainer S. Reaux, who exhibited her in Paris before her death in 1815. This print is one of a series of political caricatures which exploit Baartman's image to attack members of Great Britain's former national unity or "Broad Bottom" government (also known as the "Ministry of All the Talents"), led by William Grenville who had served as Prime Minister from February 11, 1806 to March 31, 1807.
Library's copy has "1810" in bottom right corner.


The Duke of Clarence as Neptune has landed from his car and kneels on the sea-shore, trying to drag two bags from the hands of Sarah Baartman. He wears a crown with admiral's uniform and a long grey beard, and kneels on his cocked hat which lies across his trident. Sarah Baartman, depicted here as a racist caricature of a Khoisan woman, wears a cap and necklace, with court-dress defining her large posterior; bank-notes issue from a pocket-slit. She strains backward to prevent her large money-bags from being pulled from her hands by the Duke, who says: "Since golden Long my suit denie, ... To come and try to take my Guineas-." Close to the shore (left) is Neptune's car with two prancing horses, two attendants blowing trumpets, and a postilion, all dressed as sailors. Behind it flies a flag on which is an anchor. On the right three mermaids rise from the sea to watch the interview.

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