Bishop O'Blarney's flight to Ireland with Mrs. Clarke

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Charles Williams
Bishop O'Blarney's flight to Ireland with Mrs. Clarke
Peel 1935
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Lettered with title, text within image and publication line "London Pubd. March 1809 by E Knightly Lambeth."
The bishop is perhaps O'Meara, but his features have more resemblance to the Duke of York, often depicted as a bishop, than to the grotesque parson who stands for the former in these prints.


Mrs. Clarke sits on the back of a bishop who flies with large feathered wings across the sea from a cliff inscribed 'Holyhead' (right) to a plain with buildings inscribed 'Dublin' (left). He wears long robes and mitre, and holds a crosier. He says: "I'll take you to the Holy land, Honey! --I'll take you to the Island of Saints! I'll defend you from Rag Boys, White Boys, and Tight Boys. I'll defend you from all evil, unless a gentle stroke from an Irish Shillelee."

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