All the talents upset, or, The high-mettled Hanoverian grown restive

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Charles Williams
active 1797-1830
All the talents upset, or, The high-mettled Hanoverian grown restive
etching, hand colored
image: 238 x 339 mm; sheet: 267 x 377 mm
Peel 2508
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Title from item.
Printmaker from British Museum online catalog.
Library's copy trimmed within plate mark.


The White Horse of Hanover (the King) kicks violently; he has thrown off members of the Ministry who lie under his heels, while Howick and Grenville are about to fall from the saddle; the reins have broken. On the horse's shoulder is the star of the Garter. Grenville, on the hind-quarters, his peer's robe floating behind him, holds the (torn) 'Catholic Bil[l]', while he clutches the slipping Howick. In the middle distance (l.) John Bull, a yokel in a smock, watches delightedly, saying, "Dang it! he has kicked um off at last zure enough! Aye, Aye, it was that cursed Catholic Bill tickled his rightump and set him a Kicking." Sidmouth lies in front of the animal, holding up his arm; he clutches a clyster-pipe (cf. BMSat 9849). The others (l. to r.) are Petty and Erskine in their gowns; the former clutches Howick's r. ankle, dragging him down; the latter sits on a cushion inscribed '4.000 Pr Anm' [see BMSat 10714.] He says: "I've had a cursed short ride! and if it had not been for this little cushion I should have a confounded thump on my Rump." Ellenborough tries to protect his head from the horse's heels. Sheridan, as Harlequin (see BMSat 9916), sprawls on the ground, bleeding at the nose. Moira runs off, as does Temple, also with a bleeding nose; he says: "Curse that Stone I've broke my Nose against it." Before him is a large piece of 'Portland Stone' [see BMSat 10718, &c]; behind him is his spectacled father, Buckingham. On the extreme right. are Windham and Lauderdale, wearing a plaid. Cf. British Museum online catalog.

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