A tète à tète conversation on recent events

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Charles Williams
A tète à tète conversation on recent events
Peel 1884
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Attributed to Charles Williams by the British Museum online catalog.
Lettered: "Pubd April 19th by S W Fores 50 Piccadilly / Folios of Caracatures lent out for the Evening."


John Bull sits squarely in an armchair hands on knees, turning his head to listen to Pitt (l.) with a knowing smile. Pitt, in an upright chair, leans forward, his hands, which are enormously long, held out deprecatingly. He says, with an anxious expression: "Did you ever hear any thing like it Mr Bull - and do you know they even go so far, as to say I must go out too! - What do you think of that Mr Bull?" John answers: "Come come - now - that's all Gammon. - No tricks upon Travellers [a catch-phrase]. - No - No - must not bite at every thing - it cant be. - D------n me but that's too good news to be true however." John is fat and plebeian, with ill-fitting wig, and his toes turned in. They sit on elegant gilt chairs; a carpet completes the design. John Bull perhaps represents the King.

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