Achitophel, an old Jew scribe lately turned Greek - Greeks, Persians (stowed together) worshipping the rising sun / [Sayers].

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James Sayers
Peel 1882
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Lettered with title, and "JS / Published 11th July 1804 by H.Humphrey St James's St."


The title is spaced to indicate the persons depicted. In a room in Carlton House the 'Greeks', or Foxites, superintend the obeisance of the Persians' or Grenvilles before the 'rising Sun' of the Prince of Wales. On the extreme left. stands Thurlow ('Achitophel'), turning his back on the others with a morose frown. He is bearded, and wears old-fashioned dress with a tie-wig. In his pocket is a paper: 'Secret Advice to his R H No Respecter of Persons to invite Tag Rag & Bobtail to dine'. Next (l. to r.) stand Foxites: Norfolk, Windham, Fox (with a satisfied smile), and Sheridan who touches the shoulder of the kneeling Lord Grenville, saying, "lower my Lord". Next Grenville is the spectacled Marquis of Buckingham kneeling very low, and pressing down his son, Temple, who kneels immediately in front of the two brothers. Four others, all in back view (as are all the 'Persians' except Buckingham), and all with identical bag-wigs, kneel before the rays of a large sun. These rays are surmounted by the Prince's feathers and strike a solid mass of cloud above which are the (obscured) Royal Arms, supported on a motto: 'Auspicium [meli]oris Ævi'. The Unicorn looks down at the 'Greeks' with pained surprise, the Lion frowns with melancholy anger at the 'Persians'; one says "God save the King", the other "Long live the King". Through a large sash window (l.) is seen the screen of Carlton House, and beyond it a railing with the notice: 'Ruspini Dentist to his Royal [Hi]ghness the Prince of Wales.'

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