Grandpappa in his glory!!!

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Isaac Cruikshank
Grandpappa in his glory!!!
etching, hand colored
image: 286 x 257 mm; plate mark: 350 x 245 mm; sheet: 376 x 258 mm
Peel 2533
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Title from item.
Following imprint: Folios of caracatures [sic] lent out for the evening.
Four lines of verse below caption title: "There was a laugh & a craw / There was a giggling honey / Goody-good-girl shall be fed / But naughty girl she shall have noney.


George III sits in a simply furnished room facing the fire, holding the baby Princess on his knee, and feeding her with a spoon whose contents flow down the front of her robe. He watches her with affectionate intentness. Over his left arm hangs a coral and bells; on his head is a nightcap. Beside him (left) is a small round table on which is a small pot of pap. The fire is indicated only by a corner of the fender (right), by a rail of towels, and by a cat crouching towards it. Cf. British Museum online catalog.

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