"Le Diable est dechainé"

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"Le Diable est dechainé"
[Netherlands : sn], September 9th 1569
Peel 0017
[Netherlands : s.n.], September 9th 1569.
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Watermark: unknown.


Refers to the persecution of protestants in Europe, especially in France and the Netherlands. In the 1560s William I Prince of Orange led Dutch rebellion against Spanish rule in the Netherlands; the Duke of Alba was sent by Philip II of Spain to rout out heresy and rebellion. The two men are represented as fighting in this design. The print also alludes to the Cardinal of Lorraine, and to persecution of the Huguenots. It makes a reference in French to "the bloody inquisition". Foreigners are shown leaving France, which is depicted as a burning building. The large central image is of a violent, unloosed devil, apparently with two heads, complete with sword, drum, and flag.