Libro di Benedetto Bordone nel qual si ragiona de tutte l'isole del mondo ...

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PML 125859
Bordon, Benedetto, 1450-1530.
Impresse in Vinegia per Nicolo d'Aristotile, detto Zoppino, nel mese di Giugno, del. 1528.
[10], 74 leaves. illus. (maps, plans) 31 cm (fol.)
Gift of Lydia L. Redmond, in memory of her mother and stepfather, Mr. & Mrs. William M. Clearwater, 1996.

Originally intended as a guide for sailors, Bordone's Isolario describes the important islands and ports throughout the Mediterranean and in other parts of the world, also touching on their culture and history. Some of the illustrations are among the earliest printed maps of the regions depicted. The book also includes new discoveries, such as the connection between North and South America. The polymath Bordone—a miniaturist, astrologer, engraver, and cartographer—helped to establish island books as a popular new genre in Italy, and many were produced in Venice.

This marvelously detailed map of Venice (Vinegia) provides an excellent perspective of the lagoon and surrounding islands, detailing the major canals and landmarks in and around the city.


Later editions have title: Isolario.
Publishing information taken from colophon.
Title in red and black.

1/2 green morocco, marbled boards.
Unidentified bookplate, William M. Clearwater, Lydia L. Redmond.