Album of engravings [album].

Accession number: 
PML 142408
England, 1692-ca.1827.
1 album (84 items) ; 25 cm
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
Citron morocco tooled in gilt with pink silk doublures; spine label initialed and dated "A.G. 1827".
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

Album of 84 mounted prints and memorabilia, evidently compiled by the album's creator in 1827. Included are 73 plates and clipped portraits, landscapes, and biblical and literary illustrations removed from various printed sources, the majority being stipple or line engravings executed by Charles Heath after Westall and others, Holl, H. Adlard, W. Radclyffe, Roffe, and many others. Also present are 5 manuscript items, including quotes and literary excerpts and a micrographic rendering of the Lord's Prayer dated Sept. 8, 1692; an original watercolor of Napoleon; an engraved souvenir ticket printed on the ice of the Thames when the river froze on Feb. 5, 1814; and a printing on silk commemorating the death of the Countess Dowager of Huntingdon on June 17, 1791.