Hore beate Marie Virginis ad vsum insignis ac preclare ecclesie Sarum, totaliter ad longum sine require. Cum pluribus suffragiis [et] orationibus.

Accession number: 
PML 1034
Parisius : per Germanum Hardouyn, [1528]
120 leaves (32 lines) : ill. (woodcuts) ; 18 cm
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1906.

Almanach for 1528-1541.
14 large and 18 small woodcuts.
Signatures: A-P⁸.
PML copy printed on vellum.

Brown morocco, blind-stamped, in pastiche of historical style, by Riviere & Son.
Variant Title: 

Hore beate Marie Virginis ad usum insignis ac preclare ecclesie Sarum


Woodcuts painted by hand. 2 manuscript leaves of vellum added: "Oratio ad ymaginem corporis Christ" (front endleaf 1) and "Oratio contra mortalitatem hominum ac pestem" and "De sancto Rocho confessor" (rear endleaf 1), and a drawing of a memento mori below inscription (rear endleaf 2). Prayer to Thomas of Canterbury (leaf D4r) crossed out and name scraped out of calendar; "pape" references scraped out of calendar and then rewritten.

Catherine of Aragon, attributed from inscription: "Thys boke was good quen[?] kat[?]in boke/ and she gave yt to [??]g Coke hir woman./ And [???] gave yt Betryce Ogle hyr dowghter/ [and] she gave yt to Ri[???] Ogle hyr husband/ [And?] the sayd Richer[d?] wyll that at my deth she shall have they sayd boke ageyn and non other to have yt," including presentation to her waiting woman [Mistris] Coke (i.e. Margaret Pennington Cooke), to her step-daughter: Beatrix Cooke Ogle and Richard Ogle (rear endleaf 2 recto); Mary Browne, later signature abraded below inscription (rear endleaf 2 recto); the Archbishop of York (perhaps Edward Lee (1472-1544), Robert Holgate (1481/2-1555), or Nicholas Heath (ca. 1501-1578)), inscription: "To the Reyht Honorable and ye most Reverend father, in god, ye Lord Archebussop of yorkes grace, hys synguler good Lorde and Master" (front endleaf 1 verso); Andrew Man, faded inscription, 16th century (rear endleaf 1 verso); Ralph Fairfax (d. 1565), the last Prior of Kyme, gift inscription to Robert Dymoke (1531-1580), "Sum Roberti Dimoki ex dono Rodolphi Farefax quo[n]dam Prioris Monaster[y] de Kyme," (rear endleaf 1 verso); Bertram Ashburnham, Earl of Ashburnham (1797-1878), his sale, Sotheby's, 25 June 1897, lot 2057, to Quaritch for £50; Pierpont Morgan, acquired from J. Pearson & Co., probably in 1906.