Ivory globe on bronze pedestal

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Antonio Spano of Tropea
d. 1615
Ivory with bronze pedestal.
diameter: about 3 1/8 inches (80 mm)
Gift of J.P. Morgan, Jr.
Inscribed: near the South Pole: "Antonius Spano tropiensis facie 1593." In the unnamed southern continent, and over a representation of the Spanish arms, is a dedication to the Infante Philip: "Principe Philip. Philip II Hisp. Indiar. Neap. E Siciliae Cathol. Regis Filio." Within the Antarctic circle a salutation reads: "Princeps felicissime totus Orbis ad se gubernandum te vocat et expectat."--O most fortunate ruler, the whole world calls to you and awaits your governance.
Philip II of Sapin (?); Said to have once belonged to the Kempenaer family of Leeuwarden and was later acquired by H.J. Pfungst of London through the firm of Muller & Company in Amsterdam; acquired by J. Pierpont Morgan through an unknown source after 1904; by descent to J.P. Morgan, Jr.

Mounting of the globe seems to be from a later date.
The world map is well executed; the geographical details are quite good for the time period, but was evidently intended for decorative rather than scientific use.