Pair of Porphyry Columns

Porphyry column, with base and capital of gilded wood.
Acquired by J. Pierpont Morgan.

AZ023.1: left of fireplace, AZ023.2: right of fireplace.
AZ023.1: height (column and base): 139 cm. Column height: 110 cm. Base: 22 x 22 cm.; height: 14.5 cm. Capital height: 12.5 cm. AZ023.2: height (column and base): 138 cm. Column height: 111 cm. Base: 22 x 22 cm.; height: 14 cm. Capital height: 13.5 cm.
Capital is carved wood with gold leaf; the column itself is porphyry and sits on a gilded wooden base.
Antique with Renaissance or later fittings.