Die tote Stadt (vocal score) : copyist's manuscript, 1920?

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Cary 439
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang, 1897-1957.
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American composer of Austro-Hungarian birth.
Die tote Stadt (vocal score) : copyist's manuscript, 1920?
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Tote Stadt. Vocal score

At Marietta's entrance 3 measures after cue 161, Korngold has written "Jeritza gewidmet." Korngold has written in the "8 Soprane" part from 4 measures before cue 173 through 173a. At measure 3-5 after cue 176, over Marietta's "Und die Victorin," Korngold has written "Hauptsache: Rytmus, nicht Tonhöhe." At the bottom of the last page Korngold has written: "Die letzten 30 Seiten folgen infolge Urlaub Rebays [Ferdinand Rebay prepared the piano-vocal score] und Instrumentation nebst Copietur erst am 10. August [1920]. Erbitte Bürstenabzug des ganzen Teiles bis Seite 61; nicht Teilweise!"


Copyist's manuscripts (purchased as autograph) in two different hands of the piano-vocal score, with autograph additions and corrections throughout.
Present are all of Marietta's part except the 8 measures of "Mariens Stimme" in the Vorspiel to Act 2, and all of the score from cue 288 to the end of the opera. Contents: Act 1, the last measure of Scene 4 and all of Scenes 5 and 6; Act 2, the last 16 measures of Scene 2 and all of Scenes 3 and 4; Act 3, the last 4 measures of the Vorspiel to cue 258, and 3 measures before cue 273 to cue 288.


Maria Jeritza, who probably learned Marietta's part from this manuscript.

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Jeritza, Maria, 1887-1982 former owner.
Rodenbach, Georges, 1855-1898, librettist.