[Brevis] grammatica.

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Negro, Pescennio Francesco, b. 1452.
[Brevis] grammatica.
[Venetiis : Theodorus Herbipolensis, 1480?]

First ed.
Five musical examples (leaves 199-201) illustrating the section "Harmonia", are probably the oldest specimen of measured music printed from type. The notes are printed without the staff. Cf. L.C. Catalogue of early books on music. Suppl., p. 83.
This copy, in the Library's Fuld Collection, lacks fols. a2-a[vii], bi-b[viii], and C9iii-C9[vii], of which C9iii-[vi] have been supplied in contemporary manuscript; index in a contemporary hand on an inserted leaf; a 4-line rubricated initial "A" added on fol. a[i].
Bracketed text in title is taken from a complete copy in the Library's Dept. of Printed Books.

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